Manager’s Messages

Manager's Message

Arielle Jones is the new Community Manager for Blu.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact her via email at

VENDOR ACCESS for TV reception /repair and HVAC maintenance and repair

Because you live in an access controlled building, you as a Resident or an Owner must arrange for TV or Cable companies to have access to the telecom rooms and the roof, in many cases. Due to a need to keep everyone but professionals in the telecom closets, you must have a key.

To have access to the roof where we have Dish and Direct TV installations and HVAC condensers, your vendor will need a key to the roof.

So, you must Plan Ahead. Action is open from 7 am to 7 pm on Monday through Friday. We can tell the Vendor how to get key access. Please have them call ACTION during those hours to ask how to access the rooms and the roof, even if they don’t plan to come until the weekend.

If the day porter, Moises, is onsite, he can also open those doors and the roof; but he works from early morning until about 3 pm. Currently, he works Monday-Thursday, has Friday off and he works Saturday. Board members are volunteers and may or may not have a key. Please be kind and don’t bother them.

Move In and Move Out

We have been very busy these last few months with owners taking advantage of increased property values. We have had fast Real Estate transactions and then even faster moves out and moves in.

Please review your Homeowner Guidelines. The association wants to assure that owners are supervised in their move. The common area can be damaged by moving in or out with heavy and bulky furniture.

Moves can be made with Action 7 days in advance. A coordinator is scheduled to supervise the move by watching that pads are up, the moves are done carefully and any damage is recorded and noted for repair.

Please contact Action – 800-400-2284 to set up your move. You can also contact the department directly by e-mail.

Thank you for your attention to this important Blu Guideline.

Karen Bennett, Community Manager

Recent Car Break-ins and Security

The summer months bring new visitors to the downtown area. We also get more homeless visiting and they may take a chance on going through the garage area at Blu. Some of these unwanted visitors check out unlocked cars. Even though you may think you leave nothing of value in your vehicle, it offers the opportunity to find your vehicle registration which may have some personal information. Don’t make it so easy to become a victim of identity theft. Always lock your vehicles and lock your front doors. If you do notice your vehicle has been ransacked, file a LBPD report.

The Board is making decisions on the importance of
Security at Blu. The association has spent several thousands of dollars in guarding the garage entrances when we have experienced recent vehicle gate failures. The Board is considering adding pedestrian gates at two stairway entrances to prevent outsiders from entering the street level garages and then having access to the stairways to go up into the building. The Board will be considering recent bids for installing the resident only stairway gates, hiring a roving, vehicle security patrol to visit the building during random, nighttime hours. Watch for more news about Board decisions after considering options.