VENDOR ACCESS for TV reception /repair and HVAC maintenance and repair

Posted By on September 21, 2016

Because you live in an access controlled building, you as a Resident or an Owner must arrange for TV or Cable companies to have access to the telecom rooms and the roof, in many cases. Due to a need to keep everyone but professionals in the telecom closets, you must have a key.

To have access to the roof where we have Dish and Direct TV installations and HVAC condensers, your vendor will need a key to the roof.

So, you must Plan Ahead. Action is open from 7 am to 7 pm on Monday through Friday. We can tell the Vendor how to get key access. Please have them call ACTION during those hours to ask how to access the rooms and the roof, even if they don’t plan to come until the weekend.

If the day porter, Moises, is onsite, he can also open those doors and the roof; but he works from early morning until about 3 pm. Currently, he works Monday-Thursday, has Friday off and he works Saturday. Board members are volunteers and may or may not have a key. Please be kind and don’t bother them.