Recent Car Break-ins and Security

Posted By on June 16, 2016

The summer months bring new visitors to the downtown area. We also get more homeless visiting and they may take a chance on going through the garage area at Blu. Some of these unwanted visitors check out unlocked cars. Even though you may think you leave nothing of value in your vehicle, it offers the opportunity to find your vehicle registration which may have some personal information. Don’t make it so easy to become a victim of identity theft. Always lock your vehicles and lock your front doors. If you do notice your vehicle has been ransacked, file a LBPD report.

The Board is making decisions on the importance of
Security at Blu. The association has spent several thousands of dollars in guarding the garage entrances when we have experienced recent vehicle gate failures. The Board is considering adding pedestrian gates at two stairway entrances to prevent outsiders from entering the street level garages and then having access to the stairways to go up into the building. The Board will be considering recent bids for installing the resident only stairway gates, hiring a roving, vehicle security patrol to visit the building during random, nighttime hours. Watch for more news about Board decisions after considering options.